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   Utah Metal Mining Company

Utah Metal and Tunnel Company


In December 1909, Utah Metal Mining Company began work on its tunnel from Carr Fork, west through and under the Oquirrh Mountains to the planned International smelter near Tooele. Utah Metal Mining Company had been organized in 1909 to consolidate the properties of the Bingham Central Mining, Bingham Standard Copper, and Bingham Mining companies. By the end of 1912, the 11,490 foot Bingham-Tooele Tunnel of the Utah Metal Mines Company was 92 percent complete. Work had been delayed at the Bingham end by the strike in September 1912. Cost of the tunnel work was about $16.45 per foot. (Engineering and Mining Journal, March 1, 1913, p. 496) The tunnel was completed in June 1913. (Wegg, p. 52)

December 18, 1909
"One of the big new companies to make its appearance in Bingham during the year was the Utah Metal company, which is a consolidation of the Bingham Central, Bingham Standard, Bingham Metals and Bingham Central Standard. This company takes in a territory of 3,500 acres, 1,600 acres of which is proven minerals land. Work has been commenced on an 11,000-foot tunnel which will afford a new transportation avenue in and out of Bingham. It is believed that this will be finished early in 1911. The company has an excellent equipment and a treasury that insures the work being carried out to the letter. As this tunnel comes through from Middle canyon on the Tooele side of the range, it will afford an excellent outlet for ores sent to the International smelter." (Deseret News, December 18, 1909)

A similar tunnel was planned between Carr Fork and Pine Canyon as early as August 1899, when the Baltimore Mining & Tunnel announced its intention to complete the project that was projected as being 9000 feet in length. The Carr Fork opening was to be 600 feet deeper that the lowest workings of the Highland Boy mine. (Salt Lake Mining Review, August 30, 1899)

Utah Metal Mining Company took control of Bingham-New Haven Copper and Gold Mining Company located on north slope of Carr Fork. (source not recorded)

November 1914
Utah Metal Mining Company was reorganized as Utah Metal & Tunnel Company. (Engineering & Mining Journal, November 14, 1914, p. 896)

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